The team cuts up the berries.

Qantas has some berry good news for farmers

THE nation’s biggest carrier has announced some berry good news in the form of a very sweet mile-high act of kindness.

Following a devastating month for the nation’s strawberry industry after being hit with needle sabotage, Qantas is rallying behind farmers.

The airline has announced its passengers will be served strawberry daiquiris and compote in its Sydney lounges and on selected flights after it placed a special order for 1 tonne of the fruit.

That’s the equivalent of a staggering 4000 punnets.

A team of staff volunteers and Qantas chefs will cut up and process the strawberries, to ensure their safety.

“There’s been a huge amount of support shown for Australian strawberry farmers and we’re proud to play our part,” head of Qantas Inflight Services Marcel Weissel-Nund said.

“As one of the largest buyers of Australian produce, we believe it’s important to stand with the industry and help avoid perfectly good fruit from going to waste.

Qantas delivers the strawberry goods.

Qantas delivers the strawberry goods.Source:Supplied

A tonne of the fruit has been delivered.

A tonne of the fruit has been delivered.Source:Supplied

“Qantas customers in our lounges will be able to enjoy a chilled strawberry daiquiri and on-board a delicious strawberry compote as part of our breakfast and brunch flights.”

The new strawberry-based items will be available from October 5.

The team cuts up the berries.

The team cuts up the berries.Source:Supplied

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